Navy Floral Skirt Set

Navy Floral Skirt Set


This elasticated cotton skirt is above the knee length and is lined with navy cotton lining. Made to order and ready for dispatch within 1-2 weeks.

Matching Hair Accessory:

Option 1: Bow Headband on cotton covered Alice Band, recommended for 1-2 years +

Option 2: Bow Headband on a soft elastic band, recommended for baby sizes. 

Option 3: Padded Hair Bow on a ribbon covered alligator clip.

Option 4: Handmade Flowers on a soft elastic band. 


Skirt Length:

0-6 Months: 6 inches
6-12 Months: 8 inches
1-2 Years: 9 inches

2-3 Years: 10 inches

3-4 Years: 11 inches
5-6 Years: 13 inches
7-8 Years: 14 inches
9-10 Years: 15 inches